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I love older women

After a long time of just dating London escorts, I have found that I like dating older women. Most of the ladies that I date now are at least 20 years older than I am. and my former London escorts are really surprised at that. I always used to go for really young and petite London escorts but that has all changed. It is almost like something has clicked in my head and I am only attracted to older women. It seems really strange to my friends but at the end of the day it is an experience which is just for me.

London escorts have just set up a mature dating service and I have started to use that. Most of the ladies who work for this service are in their mid 40’s and above, and it really suits me. There is something really special about dating mature women, and I find that they are the sexiest women that I have ever been with. Most of them have a lot of experience of many different things and they really know how to turn a guy on. It is not like dating a grandma as I am 30 years old myself, but it is more like dating an older much more sensual woman. Do you think this is healthy. Steven in Richmond

Dear Steven,

Thank you for your email. There is noting wrong with wanting to date ladies from mature London escorts services as there are many men who like to date a woman with a bit of slower hand. A lot of gents find it a complete turn on being able to take out an older woman. You don’t have to worry about looking after them, they will look after you. Many gents that I have spoken to say it is a really comforting experience dating mature London escorts.

Personally, I can’t see what is wrong with it as I am 49 years old myself. I have seen photos of some mature London escorts and I think that they look great. Some of them look years younger and you can tell that they are totally natural. Let’s face it, there are some amazing looking London escorts and how can you be sure that they are in their 30’s, some of them can easily be older. It is really hard to tell how old a woman is to do and none of my friends will believe that I am 50 next year. When I look at myself in the mirror and in photos, I don’t look that very different from the day I was 30. Perhaps it is good living, or could it be that daily gin and tonic?

I am not sure what is making us look younger these days but something is. I think a lot of London escorts who are in their 20’s look really young as well, and perhaps it is down to better nutrition. Honestly I am not sure if it is food or just better skin cream!? Could it be that we are enjoying better sex?

My First Time With A Heathrow Girl

I am 26 years old man who is a little shy and never been in an intimate relationship with a girl. When my friends discuss about their experiences with Heathrow escorts or girlfriends, I used to feel very awkward and nervous. As I feel very low about my dark complexion and non masculine body, I never had the guts to approach a girl. I was so scared of sex because of the uncertainty about how I would perform or look that I never even dated Heathrow escorts.

A couple of days ago I thought to confront my nervousness about intimacy and decided to see a Heathrow escorts socially not professionally as i was looking to eventually sleep with her and i know professionally they don’t provide that. I got her  to come to my flat.

The most never racking part was the one hour waiting period for the escorts in Heathrow. Once she arrived I tried to look easy and comfortable, though I was getting jitters in my stomach. I read somewhere that Heathrow escorts are not hired for sex, they give you a girlfriend like experience also. They make you comfortable with their friendly approach and behaviour. The Heathrow escorts whom I hired was very jovial and with her easy going nature she made me feel comfortable with her within a while.

The way she was talking to me as if she knew me for a quite long time and honestly I had never felt so good with any other girl’s company.

While she was giving me a nice back massage, I was telling her about my anxiety and complexities. Then I told her to lie beside me on bed. With trembling hands, I started to massage her vagina, inner thighs, and kissed her breasts. My hands were shaking quite a bit at the beginning but with passing time I started to enjoy her body.

After that I told the girl to give me a blowjob, believe me it was the most extreme part of the entire experience. When she started to massage my balls over the underwear I felt very nice but at the moment she put her hands inside it, I became nervous.

My face turned pale and I started to take deep breath. The girl suddenly smiled and marked a kiss on my forehead and said “don’t be tense.” When she actually started giving me blowjob, the feeling was indescribable.

Due to my anxiety, I was not getting a full erection but she continued to play with my penis. The smell of her body and hair was amazing. For a single moment I didn’t feel that I was with an escort. After sometime I got the right erection and just jumped upon her. With each jerk she was mourning and searching my back. As it was my first experience, I ejaculated very soon. Then we talked for the entire night and in the morning she went off.

While most of the men say that there is nothing special to remember after enjoying sometime with Heathrow escorts, in my case this will be the most cherished moment of my life. She was the one with whom I could share my heart out and all the problems related to sex. That girl made me feel special, confident and helped me to overcome my fear of sex.

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The Adult Industry; Then and Now

Entertainment has always been a huge part of our lives. From strippers at spearmint rhinos to escorts on http://charlotteaction.org.They say that work without play makes Jack a dull boy. So the world of entertainment has come up with lots of avenues for self enjoyment, all of them at arms length. Then of course there are those who enjoy a more personal form of entertainment. One where a person’s most intimate moments are captured on film for all to see. Few talk about it, but there is no doubt about the amount of recognition that the adult industry has. This industry has struggled to make its mark in society and has been through a past that is worth talking about. 

The adult industry has seen its highs and lows, the latter being more frequent than the former. The 1970s were a good time for the adult entertainment industry. This is a period where porn films made their debut as the most common form of adult entertainment. It was a time where there were less stringent rules restricting nudity and violence in movies. The 70s saw several adult films make it into mainstream movie culture. The returns hit the roof, and the industry gained a lot of recognition. So much that they became a possible threat and source of competition to other legitimate Hollywood productions. 

The glass ceiling was broken and everybody was talking about sex and porn. Inhibitions fell and adult film theatres were opened. All this was cut short in the early 80s when legislation finally caught up with the industry. Generally, the 80s were a bad time for art enthusiasts and the adult industry wasn’t spared. Movie regulations became stiffer and adult theatres were closed. Porn was gone, and people missed it. The industry went broke and resorted to making cheap low quality films. At this point, everybody thought that the industry would not recover. Never recover.

But it did. Not so much as was expected but a recovery nonetheless. This came after the birth of the internet. Suddenly, there was no need for vending porn tapes in the shadows. This made it a whole lot easier for adult film producers to distribute. But now the industry faced a bigger problem. The quality of their productions was dismal, and viewers were not pleased. Whole movies turned to short 10 minute clips that were poorly edited. The content was out there, but the returns were still low. This made the industry lose value, and it became a risky business to venture into. 

The new millennium brought with it a rebirth that was not expected. Adult films were already everywhere on the internet, and people had dropped their taboos about sex. But nobody predicted that the industry would rise from the ashes. Filmmakers started concentrating more on quality than quantity and by 2006, there were a handful of high definition adult films on the internet. Other producers followed suit and this saw an unexpected increase in profits. The adult industry may not be able to go back to the glory days of the 70s, but one thing is for sure, it will always grow. 

3 Reasons We Need Foreplay

ass in darkness CFAccording to sex expert Dr. Annie Bliss, most women complain that men have very little time for foreplay. However, despite popular beliefs, men do need foreplay as well but they are not as dependant on it as women.

Foreplay is all about sexual stimulation and all london escorts appreciate how important it can be to both parties. As well as stimulate, it also gives a sense of expectation and can really increase the enjoyment of sex.


Touch is one of our most perceptive senses, and unless we are touched many of our neuro connections do not “fire up”.

Dr Bliss often say this is why london escorts like to give their partners a massage. It prepares the body for further physical stimulation, and makes London escorts and their partners feel more relaxed. She also points out that when we are more relaxed, the more likely we are able to enjoy the following experience for longer and achieve better satisfaction.

In other words, we need foreplay to be able to enjoy ourselves more and for longer.


Escorts in london appreciate that women do not always associate sex with love. Sex to women is sometimes just sex but when we add foreplay to the mix, women begin associate the entire act with love. This is one of the main reasons women need foreplay.

Love is a big turn on for women, and being kissed, caressed or gently squeezed will help them to feel more loved. Getting the mix between foreplay and longer penetration right will often lead to better sexual satisfaction for both parties.

Stimulation and Desire

Stimulation is the most important part of foreplay. There are many different ways to stimulate your partner.

Escorts in london use a lot of toys with their partners but many women are reluctant to try toys. Toys can have a very stimulating effect and once you start feeling turned on, more and more sex hormones will be released by the brain.

According to Dr. Bliss the very feeling of “being turned on” is also an important part of foreplay. To most women it means that the man really wants to make love to them, and it can be very reassuring.

london Escorts, like all other women, recognise the importance of being desired. This is another emotion which is stimulated during foreplay. Perhaps desire is the most important reason we need foreplay. It makes us feel wanted and can spur us on to be more adventurous in our foreplay.

We may want to stimulate and touch our partner using our lips and mouths. Sometimes many women even enjoy rubbing their breasts against their lovers. Men seem to enjoy that feeling and a lot of london escorts make the most of it.

Should we learn foreplay? Everybody get “turned on” or stimulated in different ways when it comes to foreplay. London escorts believe It is very important to find out what your partner enjoys.

It may be difficult to remember to ask in the heat of the moment but quite often you can tell by your partner’s reaction. If a woman pulls away from you, it is an indication that she has not enjoyed what you just did as part of foreplay.

Dr Bliss suggests and London escorts agree that you get to know your partner step by step, and find out what he or she enjoys.

She points out that it is important not to be monotonous in lovemaking during foreplay. New techniques and ideas will add to the stimulation, and make the entire experience more enjoyable.

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First-Time Lesbian Sex at Midlife

Most girls who work out they’re lesbos later in life have some jitters when they’re facing their first sexual experience. As a coach, I regularly hear questions like, “What do I do?” and “How do I do it?” I also regularly hear comments like, “What if i am unable to please her?” and “What if I don’t like it?” Please, relax! Remember, lesbian sex is, above all, FUN. There are some real positives about lesbian sex that actually can reduce strain, compared to hetero sex. * There are no Problems about getting pregnant. This is gigantic.

black and whites kiss CF

No contraception, no “slipping up” and then having to attend on the fringe of your seat three weeks to work out if you have missed. Absolutely freeing. * Then there’s the issue of orgasms.
Men have “one and done,” so fundamentally in hetero sex when he’s’s satisfied, the experience is over. Not so with lesbian sex. With multiple orgasm capacity it lasts while we need it to.

* Lesbian sex isn’t vanilla. Simply by reason of the indisputable fact that it IS lesbian sex! It’s imperative not to fall into a rut, though. Keep it fresh. * Communication is less complicated, since you talk the same language. Males and females have different communication styles and this will finish up in misunderstandings when it comes to sex.