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Come And Learn 11 Amazing Foreplay Tips From A Porn Star

5Unless you’re a 16-year-old boy, or dating one, it’s time to learn proper FOREPLAY!!!

Nothing can turn a vacation to SEXYTOWN — into a bad trip to SOREVILLE — faster than wham bam thank you m’am!!!

Now, I’m not saying that QUICKIES don’t have their place — like the backseat of LION O’S SUV after the Erotic Exotic Ball (hello, I was CHEETARA) — but NO foreplay ever or — even worse — BAD foreplay is a serious deal breaker!

So, I could list off all the things that I like, (inclusive of pictures I drew which very closely match the artistic skills of a four-year-old,) or I could leave it to a PRO.

Use her guide to learn what YOU like and…make sure you pass it on to your MAN.

Tell him after he completes everything on this honey DO-ME list…he can make you a sandwich!

Thanks babe.

First-Time Lesbian Sex at Midlife

Most girls who work out they’re lesbos later in life have some jitters when they’re facing their first sexual experience. As a coach, I regularly hear questions like, “What do I do?” and “How do I do it?” I also regularly hear comments like, “What if i am unable to please her?” and “What if I don’t like it?” Please, relax! Remember, lesbian sex is, above all, FUN. There are some real positives about lesbian sex that actually can reduce strain, compared to hetero sex. * There are no Problems about getting pregnant. This is gigantic.
No contraception, no “slipping up” and then having to attend on the fringe of your seat three weeks to work out if you have missed. Absolutely freeing. * Then there’s the issue of orgasms.
Men have “one and done,” so fundamentally in hetero sex when he’s’s satisfied, the experience is over. Not so with lesbian sex. With multiple orgasm capacity it lasts while we need it to.

* Lesbian sex isn’t vanilla. Simply by reason of the indisputable fact that it IS lesbian sex! It’s imperative not to fall into a rut, though. Keep it fresh. * Communication is less complicated, since you talk the same language. Males and females have different communication styles and this will finish up in misunderstandings when it comes to sex.

Oral Sex – How To Drive A Man Wild

Oral sex is something every guy loves,and that is the major reason why they seek this services from escort girls in cityofeve.com. Watching a woman licking and sucking his penis is every guys idea of heaven on earth, because this little banana represents about 80% of his ego. Many women are aware of this fact and want very much to know how to give him a mind-blowing mouth job. While some women can adequately please their partners orally, others try to imitate what they see in adult films, which is not the best way to give a guy a blow job. Below here are some tips on how to give your man an amazing blow job that he will never forget.

(1) Be Enthusiastic
The most important thing about performing oral on your man is to show him you are enjoying doing it and you want nothing more than to pleasure him with your mouth and tongue. Show some passion and enthusiasm when you are giving him head. Let him know how much you enjoy it by giving him a moan or groan and making some sucking noises. This can turn him on even more.
(2) Be Confident
The most important thing about giving your man a blowjob is to be
confident when doing so. One of the ways to build confidence is to be knowledgeable about the possible hot spots on his penis. There are specific areas on a man’s penis which can increase the likelihood of orgasm, but a lot of women miss these completely.

Most girls assume that they have to work on the whole shaft but it is usually the tip that is supersensitive. You can drive your guy crazy by just spending a bit more time on the tip. Pressure is also very important. Consistent pressure and evenly squeezing with your hand and lips is what will make him cum.

(3) Take Your Time
Many girls just want to pop it and get it over with. But if you want to make your man’s toes curl, you have to pretend that his penis is an ice-cream cone and do the same thing you will if it is. Make your tongue as flat as possible, because this can help to cover more territory. Then slowly run your tongue along his penis from tip to base, leaving no spot unlicks. Slowly suck and squeeze his soft penis with your lips to let his erection build in your mouth. He will love the feeling of having his entire penis in your mouth as he is getting more aroused.